>> Succulent Garden <<


Feeling a certain craving to get your hands dirty and be one with nature? Well we have a gardening craft that is perfect for you. Follow the step by step directions below on how to make your very own succulent garden out of a vintage bread pan! Fun, easy and light on the wallet.

Here's how to craft it...

  • Venture to a nearby flea market or internet browser and search for an industrial metal bread pan. Buy it!
  • Pick up an assortment of young succulents and cactus soil
  • Next, take you new pan to the sink and scrub it down
  • Then grab a drill and take it outside along with your soil and new succulent friends
  • Drill along the center of each loaf pan three times, make sure they are evenly spaced
  • Then the gardening begins! Take each succulent out of it’s plastic planter and place it in it’s new home
  • Grab some soil and add it around the plants, just enough to fill the pan
  • Lastly, feed it with some water, let it drain, and find it a new home

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