9 Basic Trends to Avoid at a Summer Music Festival


So it’s officially summertime and the music festival season is in full swing. You’ve scoured the lineups, bought your tickets, and now it’s time to get your wardrobe together. Now comes the hard part – how to stand out without looking basic. There's a certain effortless boho-chic look that defines festival fashion at its best, but as any festival-goer will attest, finding the perfect blend of fashion and function isn't always easy, and it's a fine line between flashy and trashy.  Here are some tips to help you tread that line gracefully and avoid looking basic.  

1. DON’T Wear Furry Boots

If your footwear looks like you have a small psychedelic animal on your feet, it’s a bad idea for a festival. Not only do these Lisa-Frank-esque gorilla boots look awkward and completely expected, but also they pick up all the disgusting grime caking the ground. Don’t be basic.  basic furry boots

DO Wear a Pair of Durable Ankle Boots

Rather than going for the basic furry rainbow boots, pick a pair of comfortable ankle boots that will protect your feet from the dirty ground and keep your whole outfit looking fresh and modern (and definitely NOT basic). Save a Care Bear from being skinned and try these booties from All Saints!    

2. DON’T Wear Obnoxious Graphic Tees

We get it. You’re at a music festival, and yes, we all know that you really don’t know who that band is on your hipster Urban Outfitters shirt. And that you’re wearing that DARE shirt ironically. No matter what your shirt says, you’re still basic.  

DO Wear a Not-So-Simple Tank

Instead of picking an overdone graphic tee that at least 5 other basic girls are wearing to the same festival, go for a tank in a simple cut with not-so-simple details, like subtle sheer lace panels or a cut out back, to look effortlessly gorgeous.  Sloane Rouge Hyacinth Tank Back    

3. DON’T Wear a Flower Crown

So you’re at a music festival and wearing a giant flower crown? How original. We get it – you’re basic. pineapple flower crown basic

DO Try a Breezy Hat

Instead of wearing the most basic of basic flower crowns, try wearing a summery hat! Not only will you look chic and pulled together, but you’ll be protected from the sun, too! Sunburns are basic.    

4. DON’T Wear a Tutu

Wearing a tutu to a festival is like wearing a sign that says “Basic.” When combined with obnoxious tights and a bra masquerading as a top, you’ll be the most basic girl there. yellow tutu basic basic pink and green tutus

DO Wear a Colorful Romper

Ditch the tired old tutu trend and go for a look that’s more modern and sophisticated with a sense of playfulness by wearing a colorful printed romper! Not only will you NOT look basic, but you’ll be stylish and comfortable at the same time!    

5. DON’T Forget to Wear Clothes

Just because you’re at a music festival doesn’t mean that you can just walk around in your underwear. It just means that you’re basic. And no, adding a pair of hiking boots or cowboy boots doesn’t make it any better.

DO Wear Something Tastefully Sheer

If you want to show some skin and not look like every other swimsuit wearing basic girl out there, try wearing something subtly sheer, like a lace tank or a breezy maxi dress with sheer panels.  

6. DON’T Wear Something Completely Impractical

So you decided to wear your brand new Jeffrey Campbell 7-inch stilettos to a music festival? Please let us know – how are you going to be walking around all day through mud and crowds of people? And your full-length sheer bodysuit? It’s the perfect attire for you if you’re basic.

DO Wear Something That Can Last All Day

If you’re at a festival, chances are you’re going to be there all day, from the blazing hot afternoon to the chilly evening. Wear clothes that are chic and comfortable yet easy to layer with, like a breezy midi dress with a casual sweater tied around your waist to wear at night. And whatever you do, avoid high heels at all costs. Farrah Dress Sloane RougeFarrah Dress Sloane Rouge    

7. DON’T Wear Too Much Makeup

“Tribal” stripes and handprints are so basic that we just can’t even. And neon eyeshadow and jewels? Still basic.

DO Keep Your Makeup Simple

If you’re at a music festival, chances are that you’ll be in the sun and sweating. Heavy makeup and painted on “tribal” stripes are just going to melt off of any basic girl. Keep your makeup simple and natural to make it long-lasting and beautiful!    

8. DON’T Be Culturally Insensitive

Enough with the Native American dress and tribal headpieces already! We already know you’re basic! Haven’t you offended enough people? Oh, and bindis? Not much better.

DO Wear Something That Expresses Your Style

Rather than falling into the trap of wearing something that offends a culture in a country any basic girl has never heard of, wear something that actually expresses your personal style. Want to wear a wide brimmed hat? Do it. A pair of statement sunglasses? Go for it. Just whatever you do, avoid feathers, jewels between your eyes, and anything that could be even remotely offensive.    

9. DON’T Overdo It On Trends

So you’re wearing a tutu, tights, and a huge headpiece all in obnoxious colors? On a scale of one to basic, you’ve broken the scale. The same goes for pairing every piece of hipster jewelry and “hippie” clothes you have in your closet together. You’re not chic, you’re trying too hard. everything at once basic

DO Pick One Trend and Stick With It

Don’t be basic – if you’re going to dress trendy, don’t go overboard. Pick one theme and stick with it, like wearing an oversized statement necklace over a simple maxi dress or pairing a printed trouser with a breezy crop top.

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