Accessorize Me - How to Style the Summer's Hottest Trends


According to Oscar de la Renta, “A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.” In other words, how you accessorize what you wear can help you make something unique that expresses your own style and take your look from ordinary to hauntingly gorgeous. Unfortunately, sometimes picking the right accessories for what you’re wearing can be difficult.  To help you out, we put together a list of the most pressing questions about how to accessorize the summer's biggest trends!  

What Shoes Can I Wear with a Romper?

Rompers combine the best of both worlds – the playful flirtation of a mini dress with the comfort of a pair of breezy shorts.  However, picking a pair of shoes to go with them can be challenging!  Sandals are the expected go-to choice of most – shake this up and throw on a pair of suede ankle boots during the day!  The boots will dress down your romper and are perfect for a day at a music festival!  

What Do I Wear Under Something Sheer?

Figuring out what to wear under something sheer that is still tasteful can be tricky.  Of course you want to show some skin, but making sure you’re adequately covered and don’t look like you’re trying too hard can be quite the challenge.   For the summer days spent at the beach, a bikini top is the perfect option!  For the days when you’re not hitting the surf, layer a strappy bralette in a solid color for a gorgeous contrast that’s not overwhelming!  

How Do I Dress Up a Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts are not only the epitome of comfort, but they can be chic and stylish, too, with the addition of the right accessories!  If you’re sporting a solid-colored sweatshirt or hoodie, opt for a set of layered necklaces that hits just above the collar!  If you’re wearing a printed sweater or hoodie, layer dainty or simple necklaces to not detract from the pattern!  

What Jewelry Can I Wear with a Backless Dress?

When wearing something backless, piling on accessories might not be the best decision.  You want your gorgeous back to be the focus of your outfit, so keep your accessories to a minimum.  Try layering a few simple short necklaces to add some interest to the front of your outfit without detracting from the wow factor when you turn around!  

How Do I Accessorize an Embroidered Top?

Embroidered tops can be quite challenging to accessorize, as the embroidery itself is almost a statement piece in itself!  When sporting an embroidered top with the detail near the neckline, keep your necklace dainty and delicate to not detract from the embroidery.  Feel free to load up on statement bracelets and foil tattoos to add some oomph to your look!  

What Jewelry Should I Wear with an Off-The-Shoulder Top?

An off the shoulder top is a great opportunity to show off your gorgeous shoulders and your effortless sense of style.  When picking out jewelry to accent this style of top, feel free to go bold!  Layer on necklaces of different lengths and slip on some coordinating bracelets.  Be sure to include a necklace or two of a short choker-length to draw even more attention to your shoulders!  

How do I Accessorize a 90’s Square Neck Top?

The 90s square neck top has made a huge comeback for 2015!  Because of the high neck and straight across silhouette, this top already has quite the reputation for being difficult to style.  Embrace the 90s by slipping on a choker and layering it with a longer dainty necklace!

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